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Deliver outstanding customer service for inbound customer service calls and outbound sales campaigns. Salmat can quickly build a dedicated team in New Zealand to look after what matters most: your customers.
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Why outsource your contact centre?

Bring in Salmat's experts and reap the benefits of a multichannel contact centre solution designed for your business

  • Multichannel Experience

    Communicate with customers using the method they want, on the device they want. All while delivering the service quality your customers have come to expect from your brand. By empowering agents with the tools and information they need to ensure accurate and efficient responses, Salmat makes it easy to provide exceptional customer service across all channels. 

  • Expert Support

    You don’t need to be an expert in setting up and optimising a contact centre – we are. Partner with Salmat’s specialist consultants and gain the benefits of their vast experience planning and managing contact centres. Get the most from your people with training, scripting and technology designed to help you maximise efficiency. 

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    Quick-Start Outbound Campaigns

    Get outbound sales campaigns up and running fast. Tap into our expertise to deliver targeted, customised and cost-effective campaigns to win new customers or increase the lifetime value of existing customers. Once your campaign is live, our team can manage it through to the finish.

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Transform the way you service your customers

Gain the advantages of a multi-channel contact centre designed for your business goals –without the stress of setting up your own contact centre from scratch. Salmat’s consultants will help you build your dedicated customer service team, so you can deliver the right experience for your customers. Not only will your team be up and running fast, it will have access to the best-in-class facilities, training and technology to improve efficiency and customer service.

Identify, qualify and acquire new customers with outbound sales campaigns. Boost customer retention by improving their experience on inbound calls. Give your customers a positive experience through the channels they prefer. Our outbound and inbound contact centre solutions are designed around your goals, with all the tools you need to deliver the highest standard of customer service whatever the channel.

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Gain a contact centre partner

Local or overseas

Choose whether to base your contact centre in New Zealand or overseas with onshore contact centre outsourcing, offshore contact centres, or in-house solutions – all hosted in the cloud. Wherever your contact centre is located, you can be confident you’ve got a partner with the know-how, people and state-of-the-art technology and facilities to help you improve your customer experience.

Strategic partner

Meet your strategic goals with a contact centre partner that strives to understand and improve your business. Contact centres are a critical part of your operations. That’s why we work closely with your team right from the start to ensure your voice call centre is the best it can be.

Benefit from our expertise and insights gained from years of optimising outbound and inbound contact centres. Whether you want to acquire, grow or retain, our specialist consultants can help you create a successful contact centre and lay the foundations for growth.

Customer service

Learn how outsourcing your inbound contact centre services can improve your customer service quality. Salmat will help you build a cost-effective inbound contact centre solution to improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction. Tap into a pool of highly engaged service agents that understand your customers and your brand.

Grow your business

Sell, win-back and build lifetime value with a dedicated outbound contact centre solution. Salmat’s consultants know how to design outbound contact centre services that will sell smarter and faster. We’ll not only build you a sales team with the right skills to find customers and grow revenue – we’ll do it fast. 


Customers today expect to be able to interact with your organisation in more ways than a phone call. Let your customers choose how they want to connect and interact with your brand. Then, give them the best customer experience on their preferred channel. Engage our experts to manage and automate a range of interactions over the phone or through digital channels. By equipping your contact centre agents with the information and tools they need to deliver a smooth customer experience across all channels, your customers enjoy the flexibility to communicate how, when and where they want.

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Employ the latest technology

Contact centres are constantly evolving to meet the rapidly changing needs and expectations of customers. The technology used by the industry has also had to evolve to keep up. 

At Salmat, our focus is creating a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints, with enquiry tracking from start to finish. Our configuration-based platform means we can avoid long deployment times and costs. The platform can also be easily integrated with your digital channels so your customer can reach you using their preferred channel. And, it all lives in the cloud so your customers can connect with skilled agents, anytime, anywhere.

Your business will benefit from:

  • A constantly evolving platform: Gain access to the latest product updates without downtime with rapid product enhancements applied seamlessly.
  • Data visualisation: Understand campaign results at a glance and quickly identify key trends using our Data Visualisation tool, QlikSense.
  • A scalable on demand platform: Harness agile and resilient compute power that can handle high bursts of activity when you need it.

Find out how our contact centre solutions can help your business reach its full potential. Call us today on 0800 746 6387 or get a quote here.


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