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Set up your own temporary contact centre to manage both inbound and/or outbound campaigns with Salmat On Demand. Gain all the advantages of our quick-start call centre solution with pay-as-you-go flexibility. Simply switch on when you need it and switch off when everything is back to normal.
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Your quick-start call centre

Avoid the hassle and cost of setting up your own team to deal with peak call periods, safety recalls or product launch campaigns. Tap into a flexible extension to your contact centre team with Salmat On-Demand. Find out how our trained agents can take the pressure off your contact centre during planned peaks and unexpected events, while giving your customers the quality interactions they have come to expect. 

  • Managed Planned Peaks

    Don’t let outbound customer campaigns and product launches add unnecessary pressure to your contact centre team. Make Salmat On-Demand part of your product launch or sales plan and reap the benefits of a highly-trained contact centre team who can boost your bottom line. 

  • Expect The Unexpected

    When a safety recall hits, customers are quick to pick up the phone. Minimise the impact of emergency situations and protect your hard-earned reputation with Salmat On-Demand as part of your disaster recovery plan. Our contact centre team can be ready to go at a moment's notice, so you can deal with emergencies and unexpected peaks with minimum disruption to your customers and business-as-usual calls to guarantee business continuity.

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    Scale Up Easily

    Scale up your contact centre solution without added investment in space, infrastructure and recruitment. Solve the challenge of sourcing, training and retaining staff for short periods. Salmat On-Demand gives you access to highly skilled and trained agents, a ready-to-go infrastructure, and no long-term commitments. 

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Meet your short-term contact centre needs

We're ready when you are

Every business has sudden peaks in demand. Some are planned, like lead generation campaigns. Others are unwanted surprises, like product recalls. Our quick-start contact centre solution helps you manage peaks with minimum disruption to customer satisfaction and agent workload.

Salmat On-Demand is designed to work with the peaks and troughs of your business. You have access to a highly skilled, trained contact centre team at short notice. No costly investment in extra space and overheads. No lengthy recruitment processes. And no long-term commitment. Simply a flexible short-term extension to your call centre team, ready when you need it most. 

Find out how Salmat On-Demand can become an integral part of your sales plan, product launch strategy and business continuity management. 

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Gain a contact centre partner

Speed to market

Get your contact centre solution up and running quickly, with the flexibility to switch it on and off as needed. Salmat On-Demand can deliver a team of skilled agents for your inbound or outbound campaigns within days. So, you can easily manage agent workload and ensure your call centre is the most efficient and productive it can be during peak demand.

Customer service excellence

Enjoy all the benefits of experienced agents without the hiring costs and lead times. Salmat On-Demand gives you access to highly-skilled agents armed with sales and customer service skills. Our call centre agents are supported with best-of-breed systems, including our state-of-the-art contact centre technology platform with a multi-channel environment and full suite of reporting. Whether customers are calling about a safety recall or new product launch, your on-demand contact centre team can respond efficiently and in line with your brand standards.

Pay as you go

Enjoy on-demand, contact centre services with pay-as-you-go flexibility. Having the extra capacity to deal with safety recalls or product launches is an unnecessary cost. Simply tap into our ready-to-go infrastructure when you need us. Outsourcing to Salmat On-Demand removes expensive set-up costs, overheads and long-term commitments. So you gain all the benefits of a responsive contact centre team with minimal investment.

Flexible and scalable

Create a contact centre solution in line with your business needs today, with the flexibility to scale up and down as you need. Supplement your existing contact centre or create an entirely new one. Salmat On-Demand can answer thousands of inbound and outbound calls or a handful – it’s your choice. 

Gain the benefits of a contact centre team ready to boost your sales or protect your reputation when a crisis strikes. To switch on Salmat On-Demand for your business, contact Salmat on 0800 746 6387 or get a quote here.


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