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Give customers the fast answers they are looking for with an online virtual assistant. Your virtual assistant gives you the best of both worlds: a cost-effective way to supercharge customer satisfaction while lowering the workload for your call centre team.   
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Fast-response service when customers want it

Customers today want the speed and efficiency of automated service, with a human touch. To meet customer expectations, you need a reliable way to answer queries online and out of hours. All without putting extra pressure on your call centre team.  Virtual Agent Online can help. As part of your customer engagement platform, this online virtual assistant improves customer satisfaction and reduces call centre costs by making it easier for customers to self-service. So, you can deliver a better customer experience across your online channels, with less effort.

  • Quick Answers

    Give customers the answers they need, when they can’t find them online. An online assistant is a cost-effective way to respond to queries at the speed customers have come to expect. Even out of hours. Rather than scrolling and searching through pages, customers can get what they want simply by asking a question.

  • Lower Workload

    Reduce the load on human agents. Save your call centre from low value, repetitive calls. Virtual Agent Online is ready to handle customer queries online (on a range of digital channels) and provide around-the-clock support. So you can free up your call centre agents to focus on what they do best – manage high-value interactions and build customer relationships. 

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    Better Customer Experience

    Improve the customer experience across digital channels and increase conversions. With a dedicated online assistant on hand, customers can get the quick answers they need to complete a transaction. And if the query is more complex, Virtual Assistant online seamlessly directs the customer to a live chat agent who can help. 

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Expand your customer engagement online

Meet your intelligent online assistant

Your customers want service that is fast and human. Virtual Agent Online makes it possible to achieve both. Make our online assistant part of your customer engagement platform and find out how it can boost satisfaction by delivering the level of support your customers have come to expect, where and when they want it. 

Living on your website, social media platforms or within mobile apps, Virtual Agent Online encourages your customers to ask a question in their own words. Whether your customer wants to check a price, get product details, place an order, track a delivery or check an account, the online virtual assistant interprets the intent of each question using natural language processing. It then instantly delves into a range of information sources to get the answer. Plus, your online assistant can personalise the nature of the interaction with conversation.

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Develop your own online virtual assistant

Fast and easy answers

Empower customers with fast and easy access to consistent, reliable information whenever they need it. Virtual Agent Online is integrated into your business databases, so it can draw from static information such as FAQs and product information, variable data such as pricing, your customers' personal information, and even richer media like YouTube. Want to free up your call centre from repetitive, straightforward questions? Build a prompt into your online virtual assistant so that every response directs the user to the relevant FAQ section of the site. This delivers more consistent customer service, while allowing your human agents to address more complex queries. 

Personalised interactions

Connect with your customers on a personal level. Using natural language processing, Virtual Agent Online asks questions, understands the customer’s intent and returns the right answer quickly and accurately. The online assistant can even personalise responses based on context, and information held about the customer’s accounts and services, and ask more questions as needed. If your virtual agent doesn’t have the answer, it will quickly direct the customer to a live chat agent (or another customer escalation channel) who does.

Online sales support

Support customers all the way through your online sales process. With an online assistant on hand to answer questions, your customers can complete their transaction painlessly. Virtual Agent Online can even identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to boost your bottom line.   

Collect feedback

See how your organisation is doing with automated feedback. Virtual Assistant Online can collect customer feedback at the end of the conversation. This could be as simple as asking “Was my answer helpful?”. Therefore, you can continually improve your customer experience and earn more customer brownie points.

Always learning

Drive better customer engagement with an online assistant that learns from your customers. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and Natural Language Understanding, Salmat has built a customer engagement platform that can keep up with everything your customers do. Virtual Agent Online can understand the most complex queries and even use its knowledge to provide tailored and personal recommendations. So you can boost customer satisfaction while unlocking new revenue opportunities. Win, win!

Get a closer look at how an online assistant delivers quick-response, personalised customer service, when and where your customers want it. Ask us about Virtual Agent Online. Contact Salmat on 0800 746 6387 or get a quote here.


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