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Maximise the efficiency of your customer interactions over the phone with Virtual Agent Speech. Using advanced voice recognition and speech processing, Virtual Agent Speech makes it easy for your customers to get the right answers, first time.   
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Expert biometric authentication services

Increase customer satisfaction, while reaping the full cost benefits of self-service. Virtual Speech Agent helps you serve more customers with the same resources and better results.  

  • More Answers, Less Waiting

    Reduce the amount of time it takes to answer customer queries over the phone. Free up live agents from repetitive, frequently asked questions, while improving customer satisfaction and retention. Virtual Agent Speech helps you do more with less.

  • Support Out Of The Hours

    Make it easy for customers to get answers out of hours. Whether they need to find their local store, get an account balance or track a delivery, Virtual Agent Speech can handle it. 

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    Direct Customers To Right Place Faster

    Navigate customers to the correct agent, faster. Using advanced voice recognition and speech processing, Virtual Agent Speech asks the right questions and understands the customer intent, so callers are navigated to a live agent who can help. 

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First call resolution with voice recognition

Transform Your Customer Call Experience

Customers expect answers faster than ever before. But every customer has their own needs and their own way of expressing them. So how do you make sure you are giving them the right answers quickly, without adding more pressure on your call centre team? 

Virtual Agent Speech is designed around your customers and your business. It uses advanced voice recognition and speech processing to recognise what your customers need. Whether they are calling to find out the location of their nearest store, enquiring about their account balance, or want to resolve a bigger issue, Virtual Agent Speech helps you give them fast, accurate and reliable answers. All while reducing workload for your contact centre team.

Take the next step in convenient customer service with biometric authentication. Using advanced voice recognition technology, Virtual Agent Speech authenticates callers by listening to their voice. One simple question might be all it takes to accurately verify their identity. This streamlines biometric authentication for your customers while strengthening security and reducing agent talk time.

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Integrate speech processing into your contact centre

Agent maximisation

Most of your customers’ questions come up time and time again. Don’t let them clog up your call centres – let your Virtual Agent Speech take care of them. While your Virtual Agent Speech manages the more repetitive low value queries, your contact centre team is free to focus on the complex, high-value conversations for which they are trained.  

Quick and personalised service

Reduce your contact centre workload and improve customer service with Virtual Agent Speech. Customers can use their own words and Virtual Agent Speech uses speech processing to interpret the customer’s intent. Interactions feel more natural and personalised, and customers are more satisfied.

Right place, first time

Answer your customer enquiries correctly first time, without putting more pressure on call centre agents. By asking the right questions and using speech processing, Virtual Agent Speech routes customers to the right place every time. As a result, you reduce redirects, avoid unnecessary escalations to call centre agents, and boost the overall efficiency of your contact centre.

Voice recognition

Reduce call times and create a frustration-free experience with advanced speech processing. When customers need phone support, Virtual Agent Speech uses open-ended questions and prompts to direct their call to the right agent, who is trained and equipped to provide the best support. Because the human agent has the customer’s details ready in front of them, they can get straight to the issue. Want to streamline verification of identity? Virtual Agent Speech can use biometric authentication to verify the caller identity and reduce live agent talk time.

Identity verification

Identify callers quickly and accurately using voice recognition and speech processing. Voice biometric devices authenticate callers by listening to their voice, rather than relying on knowledge-based security, such as your first pet’s name. And with our flexible technology, the level of questioning can be changed according to your organisation and the enquiry. One simple question from Virtual Agent Speech might be all it takes to accurately verify a customer. With identity verification taken care of, your call centre agents can get to the crux of the matter faster, meaning shorter call times and happier customers. 

Learn how our call centre voice recognition solutions can reduce call centre costs and service customers. Ask us about our proven results in major New Zealand companies. Contact Salmat on 0800 746 6387 or get a quote here.


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