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Understand what your customers are thinking and feeling, and use their feedback to transform the customer experience. Salmat’s Voice of Customer (VOC) solution combines a sophisticated online survey tool with the CX expertise and analytics you need to uncover meaningful customer insights. 
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Collect and act on real customer feedback

Create automated customer feedback forms at key moments of truth in the buyer’s journey to understand if customers are happy, mad, or just don’t care. Then, easily translate insights into action to fix pain points, recover at-risk customers, and improve the customer experience.

  • Ask the right Questions

    Build a customer feedback survey that collects exactly the information you need to improve the customer experience. Use survey templates designed by our experts and make every survey relevant and personal. With Salmat’s VOC, you will always ask the right customer survey questions for your business goals.

  • Feedback Anywhere Anytime

    Hear your customers loud and clear across the channels that matter. Our online survey tool makes it easy to ask feedback questions across multiple channels, including SMS and mobile. So you can build a true picture of your customers – wherever they are.

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    Put Data to Work

    Focus on the actions you need to take to improve customer experience. Analyse customer feedback from multiple data sources, including marketing surveys, social media conversations, clickstream data, transactional data and more. Engage cross-functional stakeholders to act on customer feedback in quickly and effectively. Salmat’s user-friendly VOC platform makes it easy to put your data to work.

  • Expert Support

    CX experts will support you across all aspects of your VOC strategy. From building a marketing survey to designing your full VOC programme. Find out how we can help you gather, interpret, react to, and monitor customer feedback and use it to drive better decision-making across your business.

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Embed online marketing research

Turn every customer experience into a competitive advantage

Salmat’s Voice of Customer combines advanced online survey tools with best practice research methods and industry-leading CX expertise. Everything you need to gather real-time customer feedback across multiple channels and translate meaningful insights into actions.  

Ask customer survey questions that uncover how customers really feel. Find out the drivers of loyalty and build these into your customer experience. Give front-line employees the data they need to understand what customers are thinking and feeling. Use employee satisfaction surveys to find out how they are doing and use results to boost staff engagement. With Salmat’s VOC platform, every piece of feedback becomes a powerful tool for change.

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Access comprehensive online survey tools

Expert guidance

Creating a customer experience programme can feel overwhelming. Find out how these CX experts can help you collect richer and more meaningful data in line with your business needs. We will work with you to define your objectives and design and deploy your voice of consumer survey for you so you know that you are always asking the questions that count. 

Guaranteed data

Gather data from more customer touchpoints, more regularly. Our easy drag-and-drop survey templates are designed to ensure customers are more likely to respond. Not only are customer survey questions specially crafted by our research experts, our mobile responsive designs make it easy for customers to respond whenever is convenient for them. Every survey adapts automatically whether the user is viewing on a smartphone, tablet or any other device.

Flexible survey options

Benchmark your brand quickly and easily with our out-of-the-box Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort (CES) surveys. Or create your own voice of consumer survey in line with your business goals. Our team is on hand to help you use the online survey tool to create customer survey questions guaranteed to improve response rates and quality.

Survey automation

Collect data at key moments of truth using the automated online survey tool. Our powerful cloud-based survey platform lets you gather meaningful feedback instantly and accurately via telephone, web and SMS – whatever channels your customers are using. Combine quantitative and qualitative research methods for deeper insights. Bring together interaction data, such as clickstream, with open-ended questions to build a complete picture of the customer experience.

Targeted audience insights

Complex data becomes easy to understand using dynamic dashboards. Explore and extract insights through a user-friendly interface. Create targeted reports for the people who need it, whether in the c-suite or frontline sales, and empower every member of the organisation to improve the customer experience. You can allocate and track actions to keep team members accountable. Even segment your customers into groups for upsell, cross-sell or rescue, based on their survey responses. Salmat’s VOC programme makes sure meaningful insights are always translated to action.

Ready to get started? Whether you want a simple marketing survey or a full Voice of Customer programme, our team is ready to help. Find out more about our VOC solution. Contact Salmat on 0800 746 6387 or get a quote here.


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